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Shaping Your Next Phase of Work

We bring together professionals who share our enthusiasm for creating a better workplace for the future.

Industrialization to Digitalization, Remote working to Hybrid working to now post Hybrid working, What NEXT...?

Let us figure out together

Why Join Us?

Because you have a business to run and your people are exhausted in constant anticipation of what is coming next

Because you need someone you can trust to figure out what to expect around the corner so you can focus on what you do best

And we bring together a community of professionals and experts across the globe to brainstorm ideas that make for a better workplace


We invite you to join a global community of visionaries and industry-leading experts across organizations that are proactively shaping and leading the Future-of-Work environment. To start with, we provide:

Peer-to-peer learning & exchange

  • Your own peer group of fellow professionals
  • Monthly curated calls hosted by Subject Matter Experts
  • Core themes with agenda shaped by Forum members

Organization & Team Agility

  • Unlocking the topic of Organisational, team, and individual agility
  • Agility training material and tools for you and your teams
  • The 5 key lenses of Agility for your organization

Your personal recourses & toolkit

  • Insights into WorkMatter’s Hybrid Training and Enablement solutions
  • Supporting you and your managers with the necessary skills for new work models
  • Exclusive access to WorkMatters material, tools & resources

Collaborate and Co-create

  • A space for sharing insights and cultivating co-creation
  • Enhance your learning by sharing thoughts and ideas
  • We believe in co-development and co-creation

We promote inspiration that makes individuals and teams enthusiastic for their work

What are you invited to?

This is a community particularly oriented towards leaders and professionals working in one or more of the following fields:

Future of Work & Culture Change

Leadership and Employee Development

Organization Agility Development

HR & Organization Development

Get a project quote today!

We’ll put together a customized quote about your project and work with you to get started on your project. Let’s build something together!

Optional Add Ons

For member organizations who wish to avail some additional support from our experts, we also provide: 

1: Workshops and speaking engagements 

3: Tailored Manager Enablement programmes

5: Customized AgileHR for HR teams

2: Tailored Hybrid training solutions

4: Customized Agility training 

6: Tools training and customisation 

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